Realtors need less listings

Realtors need less listings on instagram (here's what to do instead)

Unpopular Opinion: Realtors need less listings on Instagram

Realtors — your followers and friends don’t care that your listing just sold (yep, we said it).  When someone new is checking out your page, their first impression is what kind of content and value you provide… why would anyone want to follow a bunch of listing advertisements and just sold posts?

Honestly, one of the biggest reasons realtors need less listings on Instagram is because posting all just listed/just sold posts is outdated and doesn’t provide any value to someone who isn’t actively looking for a home – in fact MOST of your followers aren’t in the market for a home right now….BUT THEY WILL BE at some point, so you need to engage and build trust with them NOW (so you can sell them a home later).  

Don’t worry, you CAN post about homes you just sold, but there are better and more strategic ways to do it! ⁣

Here are a few ideas to replace those boring and static just listed / just sold posts:⁣

Realtors Need Less Listings On Instagram: Here’s what to post instead

✔️ how you helped your sellers prep their home to sell ⁣

✔️ how you helped your buyers get an accepted offer in a competitive market⁣

✔️ why your buyers fell in love with the home they bought ⁣

✔️ a great description of the home you sold and what the sellers loved most about it⁣

Realtors Need Less Listings On Instagram: 2 tips to keep in mind when you create posts

  1. Just Listed: Take your followers behind the scenes


    • It’s important to show that you are producing, and showcase your listing as promised in your listing marketing plan, however, you want to show people that you can market the home better than just a static “just listed” post.
    • Tell a story. Take your followers behind the scenes of how you strategically prepared and marketed your listing. Record yourself putting a sign In the yard, prepping / staging the home, preparing for and at the open house. Create a professional video walkthrough of the listing and add that to the post. Show people why they should work with you to sell their home!
  2. Just Sold: Tell a success story
    • Why would anyone care about a house that just sold? Especially if it is just a static post.
    • Instead of a static post, tell a story. What were your client’s needs and how did you help them achieve their buying / selling goals? Tell a story that people can relate to (if it gets personal, ask your client’s permission to post). Share photos of your clients at the closing table or In front of their new home, and highlight the home’s best features — beautiful kitchen, stunning backyard oasis, huge owner’s suite, etc. 
    • Remember, every sold sign has a story! So tell it! Social media should be the EXPERIENCE, not the sales pitch. It’s a free tool that you can use to build relationships, stay top of mind, and share valuable content that you want to be known for. ⁣

While realtors need less listings on Instagram, you can still show your followers that you’re producing and selling, and ensure that your sellers see their home advertised, but in a better way, without clogging your feed with boring graphics.⁣

Realtors need less listings but still need great social media EVERY MONTH!

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