Blink Affiliate Program

Now when people ask about your great marketing, you can get paid $20!

Earning passive income as a real estate agents can be a great source of extra money! As an industry expert, you are an influencer for other real estate agents and we are so thankful to work with realtors who recommend Blink! We also work with large brokerages and firms to offset the cost of Blink for the entire organization. Reach out and let’s talk about even more possibilities! 

Blink Affiliate Program - make money telling people about Blink Marketing
Free real estate social media for realtors
Realtors, learn how to Grow Local Followers on Instagram

Step One: Join

Sign up & instantly become an affiliate!

*If you are already a Blink Member, be sure you’re logged into our website first

Step Two: Get Your Link

Go to your dashboard and get your affiliate link

How to find your Blink Affiliate Link so you can make money recommending Blink!

Easily find your affiliate link. Need more help? Watch this quick video.

Step Three: Share!

Start sharing about Blink using your link!
We will pay you $20 every time someone signs up for Blink using your link!

Ways to share…

You can share about Blink in any way that feels natural to you!

Email, text, social media stories, posts, reels, etc.

We have provided templates below, but you’re welcome to create your own.

Be sure to include your affiliate link when you 
recommend us!

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How much will I get paid?

Blink will pay you $20 for each new client you refer to us, it’s that simple! 

How will I get paid?

Referral fees are paid monthly. We pay out via a PayPal account, provided to us when you join the affiliate program. If the PayPal email changes, it is your responsibility to notify us to ensure proper payments. We can not resend payments returned due to incorrect payment email addresses.

What if I refer someone and they don’t use my code?

You must give your unique link in order to be paid for a referral. Unfortunately, we are unable to change order data once the order has been submitted, so be sure to remind friends to use your link if they choose the purchase. 

Can I get a coupon code?

Our top affiliates will receive a coupon code to use when they refer Blink. You can apply for a coupon code here.

How do I refer someone and make money?

Grab your link and send to your friends to sign up! Watch this quick video for help finding your affiliate link

How to find your Blink Affiliate Link so you can make money recommending Blink!