Does the membership have unlimited use of everything?

Yes, members get unlimited access to everything on the Members Only site, including access to all social styles. This includes all of the social media posts, and templates for postcards, newsletters, pop-bys, events, and listing marketing.

How often is the content updated?

We add brand new content at the beginning of every month. Each month will have one cohesive theme across all platforms, with an easy to follow calendar.

Am I tied into a long-term commitment?

You’re free to subscribe and unsubscribe to Blink at any time, without any penalties or hidden fees. Just make sure you cancel before the start of your next billing cycle in order to ensure you will not be charged for an additional month. Due to the digital nature of our program, we do not offer refunds.

Do you post on my social media account?

Yes! If you choose level 2 or 3, we will auto post to your Facebook & Instagram accounts 4-5  times a week! If you want additional social platforms, please contact us – we offer additional posting for a small monthly fee. 

How often is New Content Released?

Every month!! Our team of agents write fresh content every month for our social media, reels, email newsletters, postcards, client events, mail-bys, etc and we always have a library of hundreds of additional templates for you to choose from! Have something you want us to make? Just send us an email and we will create and add to the portal!

Do I need to give credit when I post?

No, you do not! However, if you’d like to be featured on our page you should tag us!

Is the content usable by BOTH men & women?

Yes! Our content is made in 5 different social styles in order to give as much variety as possible! We have specifically created several social media themes to work for both masculine and feminine branding. We give you full access to every style we offer!

How many accounts can I post to?

Blink content is for your use only. Each subscription is an individual account for one member (one individual agent). A separate subscription is necessary for each additional member. One usage license is granted per purchase. 

Do you offer brokerage plans & discounts?

Yes! We offer brokerage specific plans & discounts for bulk agents! Offering Blink marketing to your agents is a great recruitment & retention tool! Contact us for more information!

What is a Pop-By/Mail-by?

A Pop-By/Mail-By is a small item of value with a catchy marketing piece to be dropped off or mailed to the home of a past client or to your geographic farm. This is a very effective way to stay top of mind while always coming from contribution.

Editable in Canva?

All of our content is fully editable in Canva! You’ll have access to every template we offer and can use as is, or add in your own branding, logo, headshot, etc. Not sure how to use Canva? No problem! We have easy to use tutorials in every area of the portal!


Have a question we didn’t answer in the FAQ? Be sure to take a tour of the portal to see what we offer in our memberships. 

Our team is glad to chat with you, set up a live zoom tour or discuss the needs you have in your marketing. Our team is here to help you succeed and we love helping our clients find new ways to leverage our content for leads and referrals! 

Bring your FAQ and marketing needs to us and let the Blink team help!