4 ways to grow without reels

4 ways to grow without reels on instagram for real estate agents

Realtors: 4 ways to grow without reels on Instagram

Reels can help with your growth on Instagram, but it’s not the only way! 

There are still many tried and true strategies to grow your followers on IG, and therefore grow your business. ⁣ ⁣ 

Read on to learn how you can accelerate your growth and gain more organic leads… without using reels!⁣ ⁣

    • YOU are your brand. It doesn’t have to be video, but you should have branding photos taken regularly so that you can create content that has YOU in it. 
    • Don’t be afraid to incorporate these pieces of your personality into your social media content…people stick around because of who you are, and how you make them feel. (read that again)
    • Get serious about your engagement strategy. Proactively engage in your feed, stories, and hashtags for 10-15 minutes every day. 
    • Engaging with the connections that you already have is the secret sauce to building your community on Instagram – no matter what size your audience is. 
    • Remember: it’s not just about gaining new followers, it’s also about keeping them.
    • Make sure that you use stickers, polls, and questions In your stories to get your followers to engage with you as well. People love to interact when you give them easy opportunities to share about themselves – Instagram stickers make it easy for you to provide sharing both ways!
    • Post what your followers like to see. Post educational, value-adding content and carousels. Providing value is one of the best ways to ensure your clients view you as an industry leader, top producer and their trusted agent in the industry. 
    • Carousel posts tend to get the most engagement in feeds. Post content that is a mix of educational / informative, personal / about me, behind the scenes, and local highlights to help people recognize you as the local expert. 
    • Post consistently. There’s a lot to be said for having content come out frequently and on a regular basis. Blink can help you always have amazing content to post!
    • Use an Instagram scheduler and auto-poster to create an optimal content calendar that helps you visualize everything before going live. 
    • Struggle coming up with content on your own? We’ve already created it for you, and it’s ready to post, written by our team of agents and real estate specific!
    • NAME: your username should be consistent with your business, website, and other social handles (can be as simple as your first and last name). The BOLD section in your bio should have what you do and / or where you do business.
    • CALL TO ACTION: you need to give your audience clear directions on where you want to direct them to after they visit your page.
    • PROFILE PICTURE: pick something on-brand that represents your style. Avoid photos with other people or your logo. Be sure to take new lifestyle pictures frequently to stay fresh!
    • CONTACT INFO: don’t forget to add your email, phone number, or Linktree / Snipfeed (and a way to get contact Information)
    • HIGHLIGHTS: Make sure you have highlights and highlight covers. think of highlights as folders and a story – it helps to organize your content to make it more digestible for new (and long time) followers. 
4 ways to grow without reels on instagram for realtor social media

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