Real estate success secrets

Real estate success secrets for realtors

Did you know that your systems are one of the top real estate success secrets?

Having systems in place will improve your business by:

  • simplifying your workload
  • saving time
  • providing consistent, high-quality serviceΒ 

Along with many other reasons!

Learn about a few simple, but powerful, real estate systems that will take your business to the next level.

The perfect place to start is with Gary Kellers three l’s from the millionaire real estate agent: leads, listings, and leverage. Next-level agents implement real estate systems to handle each of the three.

Real estateΒ success secret:

Having a CRM & Email automation

  • (01) organize and centralize customer data
  • (02) Prioritize leads to focus on the most valuable
  • (03) improve the quality of lead nurturing
  • (04) automate your sales and marketing processes

A successful agent needs to store all information in a CRM system for immediate access, and a CRM system ensures the security of customer data. A CRM can organize how / when you reach out to leads and clients, whether it be via email, social media, phone, or messengers. Set alerts, and set up automations.

A CRM allows you to organize leads Into different groups / tags β€” hot leads, past client, under contract, nurture, etc.Β  This allows you to allocate your resources efficiently to be more effective.

As your business starts growing and becomes more successful, It’ll become more difficult to keep track of whom you have reached out to, and when. A CRM allows you to schedule email automation, set up alerts, and even send text messages for you so that no one slips through the cracks.

Most CRMs allow you to facilitate checklist management once you go under contract. You can also add reminders or tasks to nurture past clients, such as birthday messages, home anniversaries, and other milestones.

Real estateΒ success secret:

Outsourcing transaction management or hiring an assistant

Spend more time on income-generating activities by outsourcing your transaction management. Leverage your resources to help you serve more clients and increase your revenue.

An assistant or Transaction coordinator can help:

  • monitor deadlines
  • communicate with the other agent, title company and all parties throughout
  • ensure file is complete and all paperwork necessary to close
  • follow up on appraisal, HOA/condo docs, survey, etc.
  • prepare any addenda

Someone who can handle the transaction from start to finish while delivering an exceptional experience is the right kind of leverage you need to take your business to the next level.


Systems make or break business in real estate so make sure you are in place!

Blink can help you set up systems and automation for your real estate business!Β Β Take a tour!Β 

Your systems can make or break your business in real estate
Your systems can make or break your business in real estate
Your systems can make or break your business in real estate
Your systems can make or break your business in real estate


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