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Becoming the go-to real estate agent is easier than you think! Blink provides everything you need to have a constant stream of referrals and beautiful social media on Facebook and instagram

Becoming the go-to real estate agent in your area is easier than you think!

The secret is to grow your business authentically using social media and print marketingand we give you the content, tools, and training to do it successfully!

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Our realtor tool-kit has everything you need to market yourself & keep referrals coming!

You need marketing made by realtors! Blink provides industry relevant content (not just templates) written and created by our team of real estate agents!

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Or you can use Blink and get all of your social media, newsletters, postcards, farming, 
hundreds of templates, auto-posting & more!

All in ONE PLACE. 


Our comprehensive strategy is proven to help you stay in front of your entire database AND gain a constant stream of referrals because our approach keeps you stay connected in a meaningful way! 

Never miss a referral again & maintain a well rounded presence on social media, in print and in person!

Blink provides everything you need for social media & beyond:


Post Social Media

We give you ALL of your social media posts & captions! Save time & schedule your social media for the rest of the month! We show you how – it only takes 30 min a month!
No time? Let us auto post! Choose Level Two!

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Postcard Library

Choose our new monthly postcard (or one from the library) and send to your farm, database or BOTH! Add your info on the back and send them out in less than 5 min! 

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Email Newsletters

Don’t miss this simple (free!) way to connect with your entire database! Quickly add your contact info to our fully written newsletter and send in your CRM in less than 5 min!

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Post Reels & Stories

Use our premade reels to quickly post! Use our prompts and create quick IG stories to show what you’re up to today – give your followers a glimpse of your day (and watch the engagement follow!)

We provide pre-made reels, stories, prompts & templates


Video Scripts

Once a month, film 4 video scripts and then post once a week to social media (Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, etc). Great for engagement!

We provide video scripts every month!

Blink provides everything you need to 
stay in touch with past clients and gain referrals! 


Mail-by & Pop-by Library

Your clients will LOVE getting somethings special in the mail AND they will never hesitate to recommend you! We have done all of the planning and designing for you – just put it into action! 

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Client Event Library

This might be the most important thing you can do to make an impact (and gain referrals!). Plan an event at least 2-3 times a year – we give you full instructions and templates!

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Call/Text Past Clients

Personally invite ALL of your past clients with a personal call and text. Don’t “sell them real estate”,  just be a friend, develop a connection (and let the real estate happen naturally!)

We provide text scripts for you!


Get Branded & Cohesive

We have designed an entire library of listing presentations, buyer seller guides, FSBO guides, CMA’s, home staging guides, and SO MUCH MORE! Get branded and look professional by using our cohesive print marketing! 

See printable marketing

meet your real estate marketing team

Blink is owned and operated by a team of full time agents, marketing professionals and designers! 

We understand how hard it is to run a successful real estate business, generate leads, AND stay in touch with past clients. Even as successful agents, we struggled to stay in touch with past clients and stay consistent online. 

Our team developed a unique strategy and content library so you can leverage Blink to stay in touch with our entire client base (and never miss a referral!)

Alex, Angie, Lindsay & Sharra

Blink Marketing team - Angie Henricks (Weldon), Alex Ercole Stackhouse, Lindsay Houser - the real estate marketing professionals
Blink Marketing team - Angie Henricks (Weldon), Alex Ercole Stackhouse, Lindsay Houser - the real estate marketing professionals for the best social media and lead generation
Blink Marketing team - Alex Ercole Stackhouse - the real estate marketing professionals

BTW, I love your stuff! I have been struggling for years trying to find a style that represents how I do business and the look I want. You’ve done it perfectly for me!



Just signed up! You guys nailed it! This is every Realtors dream, all this content 👌 thanks 😊


Royal LePage

I have to tell you, I love what I get from you. It has helped me so much to not stress about social media, so I can focus on items that are more in my wheelhouse. Your company is worth every dime to me.


Leading Edge Real Estate

Just signed up! You guys nailed it – this is every realtor’s dream...all this content! Thanks!


Keller Williams

Blink has been so amazing to help me grow my business. In just the short time I’ve been using Blink, my social media likes and Interactions have gone up 110% if not more. It’s so worth the money because I can focus on my business.


Keller Williams

I just want to say I have paid for many of these types of programs over my 9 years in real estate and hands down you have the best program! Thank you for being awesome!


Royal LePage

I’m a new member and still finding new things in the portal every day! Incredible – I have no idea how you made it all!


Keller Wiliams

Been with you guys for 3 years – you’ve been auto posting for me the whole time and I have been able to invest so much more time in my business because I don’t have to post my social media! THANK YOU



I LOVE using Blink! My social media has really helped my business with getting referrals and staying In front of my clients and friends, as well as gaining local organic leads. I don’t have to think about what I am going to post daily and that saves me so much time. My time Is worth money!


Keller Williams

I was thrilled to try this over my previous marketing group. The social media is sophisticated, clean and fresh, I love it! Now I’m a keeper for sure!


I LOVE the new text scripts! My sphere is full of millennials & texting has a greater response rate. Thanks for always being so innovative! I’m so grateful to have found BLINK! 


Working with Angie from Blink was such a pleasure – she helped me figure out that posting social media was one of my biggest pain points so I added auto posting. Now I don’t have to spend any time scheduling my content!



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